Bruce Lattig

Reproduction Prints of Watercolor paintings
36 x 25 in (91.44 x 63.50 cm)
Portfolio of 6 prints from "The WILD BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA SERIES" presented by Dr John Craighead and created by Bruce Lattig. This is a portfolio of 6 lithographs each with an edition of 400 prints of Lattig�s original watercolor paintings. The birds in the series are titled; The Peregrine Falcon, The Golden Eagle, Barn Owl, Eaglets in a Nest, Goshawk, and Canadian Geese. Edition numbers for this portfolio are number 70 for the Peregrine Falcon, number 253 for the Golden Eagle, number 238 for the Barn Owl, 272 for the Eaglets in a Nest, 318 for the Goshawk, and 331 for the Canadian Geese. Page size is the same for each print at 36 x 25 inches. Image dimensions, including signatures, vary. The Peregrine Falcon image area measures 21 x 15 inches. The Golden Eagle image area measures 23 x 15 inches. The Barn Owl image area measures 25 x 21 inches. The Eaglets in a Nest image area measures 23 x 29 inches. The Goshawk image area measures 23 x 29 inches. Canadian Geese image area measures 22.5 x 29.5 inches. These images are printed on the highest quality Arches 100% rag paper for archival permanence. Both Craig Lancehead and Bruce Lattig sign the prints in pencil under the image. Bruce Lattig�s signature also appears in the image area of the original watercolor painting. Each print is also stamped on the reverse by the press, dated, titled, and initialed in pencil by Dr. Lance Craighead and Bruce Lattig. Full editions of this series are housed in the Bancroft Library of the University of California in Berkeley, California; the Ornithological Department at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and in private collections around the world. Bruce Lattig is a dedicated wildlife artist who has created many paintings that have been honored throughout America and Europe and exhibited in numerous galleries including the Kennedy Gallery, Wunderlich Gallery, Grand Central Gallery in New York, Maxwell Gallery of San Francisco, and Tyron Gallery in London and Nairobi.